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Pine Beach Belek

Are you ready for a holiday experience full of Mediterranean lifestyle? Wake up in the pine forest and shape your holiday with a variety of activities throughout the day. Sip your drink in your personal pavilion or unwind at the spa. Experience peace and fun together on holiday.


Touch the Green

As we touch the green, we blend into life. We love smelling flowers, touching the forest and being purified with water. We are on the edge of green and blue, right in the middle of peace! We will be honored to host your unforgettable moments.


Pine Beach Parallax

Four Seasons of Fun!

We love being surrounded by children's laughter. We like to surrender to the Mediterranean breezes in the pavilion while they are having fun safely. We like to be “one” with the happiness of families and to be “us” on a romantic vacation alone.

Maybe we speak different languages, but we think happiness has only one language. We love to celebrate delicious conversations at tables with lots of laughter and the day's delivery to night. We arrive at the panoramic view of the unique blue at the A La Carte restaurant.

We know that we will have a lot of fun with you every season.

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Facilities & Facilities

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the unique nature of the Mediterranean!

Extraordinary Tastes

Ours is a journey of taste… We open the door of our kitchen to nature and bring organic flavors to your table with special recipes. We love to share delicious moments! We invite you to discover local and global flavors with our talented chefs.

Pino Child Kingdom

This is the kingdom of children!

An 8000 square meter kingdom filled with game and sleeping room, movie theater, water slides and entertainment for 0-6 year olds…

With our trained staff, we carefully prepare the most educational activities for the development of children. We are having a lot of fun while you enjoy your vacation alone! Enjoy yourself, they won't even have time to miss you!

The Pino Kids Kingdom is waiting for you to embrace all the children of the world and those who remain children at heart.

Pino Child Club


honeymoon vacation

Ala Carte Restaurants

Heated Spa Pool

Water park

Medical Spa




Welcome to Antalya!

There are many moments to discover in the tourism city of Antalya! We know that whatever you desire from a holiday, you will find here, with valuable witnesses of history, UNESCO heritage, the most beautiful landscapes nature has to offer, and a wide variety of activities. Welcome to the edge of history, nature and a well-established gastronomy.

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Discover Antalya

You will love what Antalya has to offer!

Uçansu Waterfall

Terra City Mall

Temple of Apollo - Side Ancient City

Damlatas Cave

Kursunlu Waterfall


The Land of Legends


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