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The Summer Time

...for unforgettable moments!

Hello again,

Our question in this issue is about what people are interested in when travelling?

I do not know about you, but I am interested in the back streets, human behaviours and even the doors of the houses of the region I visit when I am travelling. What they eat, what they drink, how they are dressed... Do they smile? Are they sour people? Do they have gerani- ums in their windows? Or they put violets? How does an average family live? How close they are to nature or far from it? What are their means of livelihood? How is the region’s landscaping? What is the currency?

I sometimes take photos of different people crossing the street. You will sometimes be surprised when you notice how the natural scene behind and the lines in the face of the person in front of you develop in the same way. I call this phenomenon, where I encounter particularly in mountainous regions, “one’s integration with the region where he/she lives”. I do not think that neither this phenomenon, nor this name is found in any literature.

No matter how much you inquire and read about the questions you are wondering about before you visit, you can see the magical picture emerging only when you see it in real. Only then you can see how everyone on earth is connected to each other with an invisible bond.

I think that each and every day give a gift to people, whether you notice or not.

So when you go on a trip, go out of your hotels and take a look at the culture where you are, integrate with it, digest it, and it may have a gift to offer you at the end of the day.


The fascinating orchestra of Anatolia

Saying that Anatolia is “a piece of land with strategic position at the junction of Asia and Europe” means to

ignore the soul of Anatolia.

As a matter of fact, Anatolia is an orchestra that brings together many instruments and sings harmonically.

Composed from hundreds of civilizations in its past and addressing to the world, these songs are tucked into the lands of Anatolia. Each song is a brother to another. The chief of this orchestra, incorporating love and compassion in each song, has been Kybele, Mother Goddess, throughout history. The angel’s chorus accompanying Kybele has already taken its place. All the civilizations that Anatolia has embraced with the affection and unconditional love of a mother talk to you and whisper the songs of the past to you on these lands even today. Slow down, stop for a moment and listen to the story that the wind has taken from Urfa, Göbeklitepe and left in your ears. Maybe the Sumerians, the

Assyrians or the Hittites will speak to you ... Maybe Helen the Troy will send you a wind like celebrating you being in the Trojan lands, maybe the Luwians, bearers of light, will touch your soul and wake you up with a dazzling love...

It is not a coincidence that Yunus Emre, the famous poet who grew in the Anatolian lands during the Seljuk period, and Mevlana, the world’s figure of tolerance, speaks to the world from these lands. The dance of the dancing dervishes taking from the sky and giving to the world is not over yet...

They are still here...


These lands, called Turkey today, honour all its predecessor cultures and continue to open their heart to and host many cultures as the same their ancestors once did.

Anatolia knows all the secrets of the civilizations it has grown in its heart and waits in quiet to share them with the world. It makes unknown known and un-understandable understandable.

If one day Anatolia suffers, Mother Kybele will bring a miracle from her heart, like she has brought each one of use to the world. And the mother goddess amazes the world again like

always. The lands she has fed from the fountains of compassion flowing through her chest grow generations of compassion flourish, and the light rises from here again.


Did you know that some of the world-famous great civilizations are on the Anatolian lands?

Different civilizations appeared in Anatolia for thousands of years. Let’s take a look at a few civilizations we remembered from then on.


Anatolia hosted tens, perhaps thousands of civilizations like Göbeklitepe, Çatalhöyük, Troy, Sumer, Commagene (Mount Nemrut), Pamphylia, Perge, Assyria, Hittite, Greek, Lydia, Phrygia, Celt, Persia, Rome and it houses hundreds of languages and dialects.



Göbeklitepe, the Change of Human History: The excavations in Göbeklitepe, located in Şanlıurfa province in the east of Anatolia, indicate that Göbeklitepe dates back to 12 thousand years. World-renowned archaeologists point out that the findings of this excavation can change many aspects of human history. According to archaeologists, there is no settlement in the world that dates back further than the Göbeklitepe findings historically. In a study published by the German magazine “Der Spiegel” in 2008, this region is described as the paradise where Adam and Eve lived before they bit the forbidden apple.


Çatalhöyük, the Artist: Çatalhöyük where sedentary, social life has been adopted for the first time in the history of mankind before the findings of Göbeklitepe and dates back to until 9000 years has been the place where agriculture and important social changes and developments, such as hunting, begun. The Çatalhöyük Neolithic City is located in the southern Anatolian Plateau, within the boundaries of Konya. Archaeologists agree that the most interesting findings in this region are the artworks found abundantly on items used in everyday life in homes. In Göbeklitepe, artworks are on the walls and columns of the temples.


Troy, the Famous Horse: The name of the region known as Troy or Troya is Vilusa or Truvisa in Anatolia and located on the outskirts of the Ancient Mount Ida, within the provincial borders of Çanakkale. It is the ancient city where the Trojan War, mentioned in Iliad, one of the two verse epics believed to have been written by Homer, and broken out due to the love of Paris for Helen. Many findings were found in the ancient city, discovered in 1870’s by Heinrich Schliemann, a German amateur archaeologist, around Tevfikiye village, and some of these findings are in Turkey, Germany and Russia. Troy has been listed in the World Heritage List since 1998 and has the status of National Park since 1996.


Sumerians, who ruled for 1500 years: Sumer is one of the earliest civilizations known in history. Sumer, founded in the geography of Mesopotamia, had been in close contact with many civilizations. The entire Mesopotamia geography and Anatolia are known as the Cradle of Civilizations. The region between the Tigris and Euphrates River, originating from Southeast Anatolia extending to the Gulf of Basra, is called Mesopotamia.


Hattians, the Indigenous People of Anatolia: The Hattians date back to three-thousand years. They are considered as indigenous people of Anatolia. The Hittites, dated after the Hattians, defined themselves as the successors of the Hattians.


Hittite, the Beginning of Ancient Democracy: One of the Anatolian civilizations that brought the firsts upon its emergence in the history scene, Hittite is also a democracy lesson for future generations. As it is revealed from clay tablets found during the archaeological excavations in Anatolia, Hattusa, the centre of the state, was known as the “Hatti-Land”, established in the Northern Cappadocia and Central Black Sea region between 2500 and 2000 BC.


Luwians, the People of Light: Luwians are known as one of the indigenous dwellers of Anatolia. The Luwians are known as “People of Light” or “Light Bringer”. The Luwians spoke the Luwian language, the oldest known language in Anatolia and the world, which also is the language used by the Hittites in their hieroglyphic scripts. This hieroglyphic alphabet, different from the Egyptian and Cretan hieroglyphic alphabets, was mostly used in stamps and large inscriptions such as rock monuments.


Lydians, the Inventors of Coin: While it is claimed that the Lydians were the first civilization that invented coins, the use of coins is seen in Sumerians and Egypt, older civilizations. The use of precious metals, such as silver, approved by official authorities, and grains, such as barley, in certain sizes can be considered as the first monetary items. However, their use within today’s meaning is attributed to the Lydians. Herodotus wrote that it was the Lydians who used silver and gold coins for the first time. In other words, the Lydians are the first civilization that preferred gold and silver as the means of the already existing monetary system.


Phrygians, the Musicians: The Phrygians, believed to havecome from the Balkans, came to Anatolia in 1200 BC. The Phrygian civilization is one of the most interesting civilizations in Anatolia. They settled in the region where Eskişehir, Kütahaya and Afyon provinces are located today. The Phrygians were very advanced in music and discovered musical instruments like flute and cymbal. Moreover, they designed the first known hooked needle (fibula) in history.


Commagene (Mount Nemrut): The remains from the Commagene Civilization, located in Adıyaman, have been fascinating visitors for centuries. Commagene, derived from a Greek word meaning “community of genes”, was established as an independent kingdom in 109 BC. The father of King Nemrut descends from Darius, King of the Kings, a Persian King, and his mother is a relative of Alexander, the famous Macedonian Commander. Commagene was a powerful kingdom where beliefs, cultures and traditions of Greek and Persian civilizations became integrated in accord with its name derived from a Greek word meaning “Community of Genes”. The story is that the king has built his kingdom at 2150 meters high in today’s Adıyaman because he could not stand the fact that even the sun was up above him.


Belek is a town of Serik district, where local people earn their living from tourism and agricultural. Serik has two

(2) towns, being Kadriye and Belek. Both are towns that hold a number of developed hotels for tourism. The Clock Tower, which has become a symbol of the town, is located right in the middle of the town, where a fruit and vegetable market is set up on Tuesday.

The town with straight shores attracted the attention of hotel chains and large hotels were built in the town mainly. Lowlands in the town offer a source of livelihood outside of tourism for the people living in it.

It has a total of 8 km coastline. There are many leather shops, supermarkets, jewellers, restaurants and entertainment centres in the centre of the town. There is a theatre, waterfall and mosque in the centre. On Sundays, there is a market set up there. Belek is not only known as Turkey’s tourism city, but also as Turkey’s golf centre world-famous golf clubs go for camp purposes. In addition to golf, world-famous football, basketball and tennis teams also use Belek as a camp-ground. You can attend many activities in Belek’s and Kadriye’s coasts and you can spend your holiday without ever getting bored.


With its long coastline, unique nature, pine forests, ease of transport and golf courses, Belek .....

One of the popular holiday resorts of recent times with its natural wonders, historical values and golf facilities, Belek is a town of Serik district of Antalya and is on the Mediterranean coast.

Preferred by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, Belek has been a place preferred by the people of Bergama Kingdom as a place of settlement for the first time in the Second Century AD. Later, Belek has been a home the Turks of Western Thrace Turks and Crete. Discovered in 1980’s, attracted the attention of tourism investors, developed rapidly and became a tourism paradise, Belek is a holiday destination recognized by the world today.

The Mediterranean climate, dry and hot in summers warm and rainy in winters, prevails in Belek, preferred for four seasons holidays due to its temperate climate.

Earned their living from fishery, cotton, tobacco and cattle breeding before its discovery by tourism professionals, the people of Belek have been earning their living from tourism and agriculture recently.

In Belek, you can visit Kurşunlu Waterfall, a wonder of nature hosting more than 100 species of birds and plant species of different beauty around 600 and seven small ponds, and the cave hidden behind it; the magnificent Aspendos Ancient Theatre, just 8 km from Belek, one of the best preserved Roman theatre in history, and the nearby Aspendos Aqueducts of the Roman Period; the ancient city of Perge with its theatre, a Hititian heritage reaching today from 1500 BC, hippodrome, Roman gate, bathhouse, agora, column-street, shops and acropolis in Perge; the Garden of Religions opened in 2004 bringing a mosque, church and synagogue together in a 

garden; the Blue-Flag Belek Beach and Antalya and Alanya which are just a half hour drive away from Belek.

Apart from visiting these historical and natural wonders, you can play golf while walking on green hills in fresh air and having fun, blowing off steam and resting. You can enjoy the fantastic nature and have a picnic near Kurşunlu Waterfall, worth-seeing and easy to reach, have rafting in Köprülü Canyon, taste delicious foods from the cuisine of master chefs with real pleasure, have a good time and enjoy the clean sea and beach on the Blue-Flag Belek Beach.

Location of Belek:

One of the popular holiday resorts of recent times with its natural wonders, historical values and golf facilities, Belek is a town of Serik district of Antalya and is situated on the Mediterranean coast and is 35 km to the Antalya International Airport and 45 km to Antalya.

Places To See in Belek:

• Kurşunlu Waterfall, a wonder of nature hosting more than 100 species of birds and plant species of different beauty around 600 and seven small ponds, and the cave hidden behind it;

• The magnificent Aspendos Ancient Theatre, just 8 km from Belek, one of the best preserved Roman theatre in history, and the nearby Aspendos Aqueducts of the Roman Period;

• The ancient city of Perge with its theatre, a Hititian heritage reaching today from 1500 BC;

• The Garden of Religions opened in 2004 bringing a mosque, church and synagogue together in a garden; the Blue-Flag Belek Beach and Antalya and Alanya which are just a half hour drive away from Belek.

Things To Do in Belek:

• You can play golf while walking on green hills in fresh air and having fun, blowing off steam and resting;

• You can enjoy the fantastic nature and have a picnic near Kurşunlu Waterfall, worth-seeing and easy to reach;

• You can visit the ancient city of Perge with its theatre, a Hititian heritage reaching today from 1500 BC, hippodrome, Roman gate, bathhouse, agora, column-street, shops and acropolis;

• You can have rafting in Köprülü Canyon;

• You can go to Alanya, Antalya and the Manavgat Stream taking daily tours;

• You can have fun in bars and discos until the midnight;

• You can have a good time and enjoy the clean sea and beach on the Blue-Flag Belek Beach.

Belek’s Food Culture:

You will never be hungry in Belek where you can find exquisite foods that are delicious and appeal to your taste as much as they are delicious, from the cuisine of master chefs. You can find many different types of foods from trout to pizza for every taste and affordable.

Swallows, repeat guests of Pine Beach

wallows, “regular” guests of hotels, migrated from Africa, 12 thousand kilometres away, to our country with the arrival

of the spring. Relieving their tiredness in their nests from last year after a tiring flight, swallows spend their first day repairing minor damages caused by the whole year. Female swallows are in charge of nesting as much as men.

They will later take their nestling out of the nests and teach them to fly in the summer months.

When autumn comes, they will leave here, feeling rested like our other guests, and take African roads of thousands of kilometres again. This journey is a perfect example of the long- standing struggle of thousands of years.


Since swallows are a species that can live close to human, we have been interacting with them since the cave life. Moreover, it would not be an exaggeration to say that we learned a lot from them. The truth is that the first architectural project of human beings has been drawn by swallows. The way they build their nests has been a model for people who lived in caves, rock shelters, etc. Adobe houses with top-entrance and adjacent to each other in Çatalhöyük, one of the first settlements of human beings, is the most beautiful example to this.


Great Chance for Our Facility

Settled in many tourism facilities today, swallows settle in our facility, as well. When I was doing research for this article, I discovered that the environment in which swallows lived was pointed as clean air area. It also turned out that they were an important element preventing reproduction of living things, such as flies and flying insects, which increase in summer months, annoyingly. The way they fly around you like dancing gives you a totally different joy.


Swallows living in our facility

Swallows mainly have nested under the high roofs in the club section and the roof of the parking lot. We are very happy to live together with them. We never touch their nests for them to come back again every year. Our door will remain open to regular guests of our facility every year, since our facility is an environmentally friendly hotel and we know that it is a sin in Anatolian culture to break up nests.


They are one of the birds that can live in every part of the world, except in very cold weathers. They are about 10-23 cm tall, have broad and pointed wings and are quite scissor-tailed and singing birds. They are classified in the category of migratory birds. They make their nests from mud, and there are about 100 swallow species.

We are going on a vacation

“Here is the big day! and we finally we go on vacation, come on kids pack up quickly, we do not want to miss the flight” said the mother.

There was a great joy in one of the average four-person families among scattered around the globe.

The mother asked the father, “Will you take the suitcases, dear?” The father jogged to take the suitcases after he was through with his doings and put his computer in its bag. Everything was ready and they could go now. They took a taxi and went to the airport in joy. Along the way, they answered the questions of their 6-year-old girl and 10-year-old son. They were asking questions like “Mom, is there an aqua-park, are we going to have fun?”, which were the questions they had been asking for 10 days. The father was smiling and dreaming “A long vacation of two weeks... that is to say no work... I will lie down on a comfortable sun-bed and stay just like it... I may not get up even get to eat” sitting in the front seat next to driver. Sitting with her children in the back seat, the mother was no longer able to hear their noises. She already fell into dreams of the vacation, “No laundry, no dishes, no cooking, no ironing. Moreover, a long vacation of two weeks... It will be wonderful if I add a skin care and massage to it”

They were all having different dreams quietly but turned into reality when the car stopped.

The whole family got off the taxi and everyone took their own suitcase. They boarded the plane after passing through the checkpoints quickly.


We are going on a vacation...

The enthusiasm of the family calmed down during the three- hour comfortable and quiet flight. The father settled his joy inside and asked a glass of cold white wine for himself and his wife from a hostess. When the father took the wine glasses from the hostess, he said with a big smile on his face, “We are going on a vacation” and he was amazed at what he said. The words rattled off unintentionally like a thrilling child. When the hostess left them with a warm smile, the mother said, “I am drinking to our vacation.” Meanwhile, the children had been fighting to grab the window side since they boarded.

When the pilot announced that they were about to land at Antalya airport, the children gathered like other passengers. When they landed in Antalya, a sweet, cool wind relaxed them with the hot air they were not used to.

A large transfer vehicle came and picked them up and took them right to the Five-Star Pine Beach hotel in Belek.

Arrival at the hotel...

When they arrived at the hotel, they checked in with the help of good-humoured people without ever waiting at the reception. They settled in their rooms. They were tired, but not much to give up exploring the resort.

They were glad with what they had seen after a long discovery and went to the restaurant. They easily found something to eat both for the children and themselves. They very much liked the abundance of fruits like strawberries, cherries, bananas, etc. they found in the fruit buffet. Then, they went to their rooms and slept early after making a short comment on the day.


The first day of the vacation

The father was not someone who could sleep for long hours. He had woken up soon after the sun rose. He silently dressed, got out of the room and went to have breakfast. After taking his breakfast from the open buffet, he sat on the restaurant’s terrace facing vast blue of the Mediterranean. He had been watching the scenery for a long time, but he woke from his dreams and returned to the terrace when a waiter asked, “What would you like to drink, sir?” He answered “A black coffee, please”, the smiling, well-groomed polite waiter. The smell of the coffee he had ordered came before the coffee itself and made the father silently smile. He thought “Here, my mood is lifted”. He had a long breakfast by watching the Mediterranean. He noticed that his 6-year-old daughter was looking for him with her scooter on the restaurant’s terrace. He cheerfully ran towards his little girl and embraced her. He left her by the table where he was sitting and told her to wait here. He left her daughter and went to find the mother and son. He saw that the mother and son had taken their meals and headed to the terrace. They came across and everyone smiled and said, “Good morning.” The father accompanied them with a cup of coffee while they were having their breakfast on the terrace. They planned what to do. “I want to lie down on a sun-bed on the beach right away and stay like that”, said the mother. The father added, “I think I will accompany you while you do this, my dear.”

The children looked at each other and began to talk at the same time, they were aloud and one was speaking before the other finished speaking. “We will go to the mini club... I am very curious about the little zoo garden there... there is a giant aqua-park...”

The mother silenced them, thinking that she had to put an end to the noise. “Understood. First, we will leave you two siblings in the mini club, then we will enjoy ourselves.”


Pino Children’s Club

They set off to leave the children to the Children’s Club. They did not see this part when during their exploration tour in the first day. Containing a giant aqua-park and a mini zoo, a small adventure park and an art studio in which they could improve their hand skills, The Pino Children’s Club really impressed them. The children immediately went to register. The parents came from behind and gave their phone numbers and signatures. The mother said, “It looks safe, I feel comfortable right now.” “Then let’s start our vacation.” said the father.


An Unpleasant Phone Call from Work

The mother and father reached the beach walking hand in hand from the forest road with long peanut pines and took a sun-bed for each to lay down on the beach. They were feeling completely relieved, but the father received a phone call. He had to open his computer and deal with a work immediately. He got out of the sun-bed grumblingly told to go to the room and pick up his computer. He had his computer with him when he returned half an hour later. “What is it, will you continue to work here?” said the mother disappointedly. “No. But I brought it with myself not to walk that much to go to the room in case I need it again.” said the father disgruntledly. The mother warned him, “Yes, but there is even no socket to charge it here if the battery runs out. I think you have brought for nothing.”

A Stranger

They just then heard a whisper from the top of their sun-bed. A middle-aged man they did not know looked at them smiling and said, “Here, there is a socket. You can use it if you want.”

The man who stayed with his family in one of the hotel’s Pavilions made this offer intimately... The father asked the man amazedly, “Is there a socket in those pavilions?”

The man, whose little girl was having her siesta in the Pavilion, gestured them to be quiet and said, “Yes”.

The father got up of the sun-bed and examined the Pavilion. There was a mini bar, power socket, safe and telephone in it. The Pavilions were also given a service for snacks, drinks and cold towels at certain intervals. “It’s great!”, he thought.

He asked the man in a low voice, “Where can I make reservations for Pavilions?”

The middle-aged man said, “From the Guest Relations Service.”

The father thanked the man sincerely and returned to the mother. He had an impish smile on his face and said mysteriously “Our vacation is getting better and better.”


The Father’s Great Surprise

The next day, the father left the family when they were going to have breakfast and asked where he could find the Guest Relations Department. The attendant smiling sincerely took him immediately to the person in charge. After 5 minutes, the guest relations manager told him that his two-week booking was made. The manager also told him that he could buy a Room + Pavilion package when they preferred Classic Plus room type. Thanked for the information, the father quickly returned to his family for breakfast. He would give them a surprise. The mother wondered and asked, “Where were you, you disappeared in a trice?”

With a mischievous smile, the father said, ‘’I have a surprise for you’’ and continued to have breakfast. Others looked at each other curiously but were trying to finish breakfast.

After breakfast, the father took him to Pavilion No. 9B he booked for them. “This is ours for two weeks,” he said with a smile. The children did not yet realize why this place was so pleasing, but the mother was very happy.

During the time they stayed in the Pavilion, neither the mother, nor the father left the Pavilion other than swimming the sea, and the hourly cold drink, coffee and snack services were enough to spoil and comfort their souls. The children spent most of their days in the Pino Children’s Club. They came back to the Pavilion where they stayed on the beach only when they were tired or when they missed their parents.


It is now time to go

Everyone was very sad when it was time to go at the end of the two weeks. Even children packed up their suitcases unwillingly and silently. It was the mother who broke the silence and said, “I have never experienced a holiday that I have rested up until today. It has been very enjoyable for me.” The father and the children all together said, “We think so too.”

The father checked the room for the last time when the mother and children went to the reception for check-out. They had not forgotten anything.

He turned his head and looked at the room for the last time when closing the room’s door. “Goodbye 1543, we will come back this day next year. Do not forget us.’’ said the father like he was saying farewell to the room and went to his family to finish check-out.

Have you discovered our seawater pool?

Mankind has obtained healing and beauty from sea water for thousands of years. Appearing as one of the common practises in many different cultures, the use of sea water has also been confirmed as a result of modern research. The benefits of minerals, algae and beneficial bacteria contained in sea water to human health and beauty are now an indisputable fact. With a large-scale investment made recently, our facility has established a purified sea-water pool for our valued guests. One large seawater pool is filled with sea water, as well as one of our children’s pools.


You want to benefit from sea water, but...

-You have a phobia like algae can come alive and capture you. You may have such a phobia, even if you have not heard it until today.

-Your kids want to swim in pool, but they are disturbed by chlorinated water because they have sensitive lungs. Sea- water pool is just for them.

- You are afraid that sands will damage your smart phone. Oh, what would you if you do not have your phone with you on vacation? A vacation in which you do not take a selfie with a cocktail in your hand by swimming pool and make your friends jealous is not counted a “vacation”.

-You prefer sea water to add an extra beauty to your beauty, but the possibility that there are creatures in the water you swim scares you.


- You want your child to benefit from sea water, but you are not sure that you can always keep an eye on him/her. You might think “I do not want to have to wait attending my child so he/ she can swim in the sea. I should be able to sit in comfort and watch him/he while he/she benefits from sea water. After all, I am on vacation, too’’.



For all these reasons and many other reasons which we cannot recall, you and your children can benefit from our quality pools of sea water we took out from the depths of the Mediterranean.


Specifications of our seawater pools:

• Sea water in our seawater pools is taken out from 400 m off- shore and 3 m depth.


• It is stored in our water tanks with its own charm. It is offered for your service after it is purified and heated by preserving its minerals.


• Our children’s pool with sea water is heated directly by solar collectors.

Pino Kids Kingdom

Built on an area of 2,000 square meters where children and those who manage to remain

as a child spend their time the most, the Pino Children’s Kingdom opens its doors with love to everyone who wants to benefit from it. This place where children safely have fun under the attendance of professional supervisors invites children to the stage in evenings, as well as daytime activities and the aqua-park. Children are offered the opportunity to exhibit and improve their moral courage by dancing during the mini disco starting at 20:30 and enjoy dancing all together.

In the Pino Children’s Club, there is an Aquapark, a VIB Club with a play and sleeping room for babies, games and activities for children to improve their hand skills and a Zoo.

In the Pino Children’s Kingdom, there are activities for children of all ages. Every child who comes here will leave happily.



The Aquapark consisting of eight water slides is considered for children of all ages. We have mini-water slides in the small children’s pools, as well as water slides made for adults and older children.



There are toys and activities for 0-3-year- old children in the Club, which means Very Important Baby. Parents can spend time with their children in our baby club and put them on sleep in the sleeping rooms in it, if they want.


Our miniature goats as well as birds and other animals in our mini zoo within the Pino Children’s Kingdom is waiting for visitors.



There are many activities in our children’s club for 5-12-year-old children, from development of hand skills to games for improving senses such as taking responsibility and sharing. Making cookies and pizzas are also included!



As we have mentioned in the beginning, your children will be so happy in the Pino Children’s Kingdom that they will not want to leave the borders of this kingdom even for food. Considering this situation, we built a restaurant within the borders of this Kingdom. So, children and their parents will not have to leave this place at lunch time.



We have a small flower garden made up of flowers planted by our little guests to reinforce their love and responsibility of nature. Here, children plant flowers under the supervision of the mini club staff.

Idil Öztürk BAŞARA, Assistant of the Chairman of the Board

of Directors, was inspired by the children who had a good time in our resort and wrote a series of very pleasant stories and collected them in a book. After the story books “Selina’s School Adventure” and “Selina’s Summer Holiday Adventure” which were published over the past several months, “We Save Our Forest”, which will be the third book of the series, is ready for publishing.

We would like to introduce Mrs. Idil to you due to this beautiful work. We would like to present you an interview with her published in another issue before.


1-First of all, our readers will want to get to know about you a little bit. Could you please tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Eskişehir. After me and my

family had been in several provinces in Turkey due to my father’s duty since he was an officer in the Turkish Air Force, we came back to Eskişehir and I completed my high-school education at the Eskişehir Anatolian High School. Then, I graduated from the Mediterranean University, Department of Tourism Management and Hotel Management. I have been working as the Assistant of the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Maritim Pine Beach for about 15 years. I knew that meeting notes I wrote down would work for me someday :)

I have a daughter named Nehir, 13 years old. She is my source of inspiration. I have returned to my childhood with the birth of Nehir and I have come together with the little girl inside. I guess this why I chose to write children’s books.


2- Why did you want to write children’s books? How the character ‘’Selina’’ was shaped in your mind?

Yes, you are right. It is a quite different job than hotel

management :) As a matter of fact, I am an ardent reader. The number of days I have spent without reading a book is very small. My grandmother and grandfather were the first teachers of the republican period. They brought us a book- reading habit so that me and my elder sister used to start with becoming a member to library in each city we went.

After Nehir was born, I read her a book every evening and told her tales without exception. After I became a mother, I started to read books and tell tales with a very different eye and with a different intellectual level. The world classics were horrible. The things that the step mother of Snow White done, that she attempted to kill her child and even she ordered the hunter to take her heart out And that again a witch tried to fry

the children in the oven in Hansel and Gretel, other witches, wizards etc., etc. Another issue attracting my attention is that witches, villains, bad hearts, wizards, etc. are all “women”, I think it is way too bad that women are introduced in this way. I think that is why my main character has been a girl. A girl who is strong and can stand on her own feet.

Just think these stories are being told to our children starting from the age of two and half and three. It is not surprising that psychologists manage to take their patients to go to their childhood. We perplex children’s tiny brains. I decided to write my own story myself and thus, Selina’s Adventures were born. The character Selina is the childhood of Nehir, and the Selina’s Adventures are partly those we had.


3- What do you think for what age(s) of children is the book appropriate? Is it pedagogue-approved?

The font size and story are rather for children of primary school

first and second grades. Smaller age groups love the pictures in it. I think parents may read it and explain the story using the pictures in it to their children starting from the age of 3.5. The book was approved by Funda Topaloğlu, a graduate from Boğaziçi University, Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance.

4 - My daughter found the name Selina very different when she first heard it. How did you decide on this name?

The name was recommended by Nehir. We had 5 names in our

mind. We did a survey in Nehir’s class for all of these names, and the children’s favourite name was “Selina”. So, the name Selina was chosen by children, by Nehir.

5- She also loved the pictures when reading it. The illustration of the book was made by Aygül Öveç Avcı. How did you decide to work together on this book?

After I wrote the stories, I was in search of a graphic artist

who could illustrate them the way I wanted and then, the site ‘’bionluk, came to my mind. Eureka!!! I met my dear friend Aygul Öveç totally coincidentally with whom I share a common fate currently and created Selina together. She was so much patient with me until Selina was created... You cannot believe from what stages Selina has passed through. My dream in the beginning was to create a curly-haired, blue-eyed impish girl. We had many discussions like if this part must be like this, that part like that, and we finally ended up with this point :) We were inspired by a photograph of Nehir when she was 3 years old.