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Pino Children Kingdom

Pino Children Kingdom

The educated and reliable staff of the Pino Children's Kingdom have prepared fun activities that can improve their hand skills and body coordination, taking into account the basic characteristics of children.
You can create a second honeymoon chance for yourself by entrusting your children to the "Pino Kids Kingdom" all day long.
Because you will know that your children are both in safe hands and happy. Moreover, they won't even have time to miss you.
With the Daily program of “Pino Kids Kingdom” children have so much work to do and so many important decisions to make that they are unlikely to think about anything other than these important issues.
Pino Children's Kingdom is an area of ​​8,000 square meters where everything is considered to make children happy, from 0-6 baby play and sleeping rooms to movie theaters and water slides.
This unit of the hotel is waiting for you to embrace all the children of the world and those who remain children at heart.

Your Children are our Children

Pino Children's Kingdom is an activity and entertainment complex specially designed for infants, children and young people aged between 0-17.
The entrance to Pino Children's Kingdom, which aims to enable our children to share an unforgettable holiday with their parents, passes through a reception specially designed for children.
"Special Membership" transactions are made from this point by giving them special membership cards.

Why Pino Kids Kingdom?

Our core staff has been trained with a special education.
Finding a group leader for all age groups
In PİNO Kids Kingdom, which is far from the classical Mini Club understanding, special activities that will contribute to the personal development of children, add strength to their imaginations, handicrafts to improve their handicrafts, sports activities that will contribute to body development, shows and festivals to be held with the participation of children.
The zoo created to reinforce children's love for animals
An organic agriculture farm created for our children who grew up in big metropolises and cities to learn about natural agriculture with 5 sense organs and live it.
The most beautiful orange groves to be seen in Pine Beach Belek.

Daily Program

Morning Gymnastics 
Finger Painting 
Pirates Day/Indian Day
Olympic Games
Sand Castle
Tripping Festival 
Picture Competition 
Hand Craft
Aqua Park
Foam Workshop
Beach Games
Ring Hawk