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Located inside the main building of the hotel, halls A are below the Lobby floor. Halls A can easily connect to convention center building, where Halls B are located, through a corridor in the foyer.

Hall Features

- The Main Hall A can be used as 3 different halls while it can be also used as a major single room covering an area of 1000 m2.

- Thanks to its column-free structure, it provides equal vision from all angles.

- Halls A1, A2 and A3 can be used longitudinally or latitudinally thanks to 4x3 m fixed screens (two screens in A1 and A3 and one screen in A2).

- Fast and fresh service is available for gala dinners thanks to dedicated kitchen and bar.

- Hall height and door width bring a lot of advantage for automobile launching events.

- It is fully flexible for any kind of convention thanks to 7 units of multi-purpose workshops from VIP to secretariat with varying sizes.