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Spa & Wellness

Experience health from water, beauty from health with the difference of EDEN SPA

In 400 century B.C, Greeks established SPA concept, which meant Health from Water (Salute Per Aqua), and this concept reached our day with its development. The aim has always been to ensure or protect the balance between the soul, mind and body. In those days, when the information was scarce and conventional methods were used in general, people tried to treat the depressed or exhausted bodies with different methods. As EDEN SPA, we adopted such a philosophy; to understand the expectations of our guests and offer more before they even demand.

3 Pools with hydro massage facilities, 1 indoor pool, 3 Saunas, 2 Steam bath, 2 Hamam, 3 Chromo machines, 2 Balneotherapy Tubs, 2 Jet showers, 1 Affusion, Electrical Therapy, LPG, Pressotherapy, 13 Massage Rooms, 2 Cosmetics Room, Bioresonance, 1 Balneotherapy Room, 1 Affusion

HAMAM THERAPYPeeling & Foam massage, Sadrazam, Coffee peeling, Cleopatra peeling ( Honey with milk), Coconut (Child peeling), Sultan Clay massage
MASSAGESClassic massage, Anti-stress massage, Foot massage, Local massage, Anti-selulit massage, Medikal massage, Aromatherapy massage, Indien Head Massage, Ayurvedik Marma Therapy, Abhyanga massage, (4 el) Shiroabhyanga massage, Thai massage, Thai aroma massage, Shiatsu Bali massage.
BODY THREATMENTSFull Body treatments with sea Salty Peeling cream, anti-cellulite treatments with peeling cream, LPG treatment for Varicose on the legs, Pressotrherapie for anti Celulite treatments.
FACIAL CAREClassic facial care, Balancing threatment for sensitive skin, Rosaschea facial threatment, Anti-Aeging threatment, Vitamin threatment, Collagen threatment, Lifting Oxijen threatment.