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Alternative Medicine

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Alternative Medicine


Acupuncture is a treatment method that is developed by Chinese. It is formed with two Latin words: Akus (It means immerse) and Puncture ( It means point). It is diversed two as body acupuncture and microsystem acupuncture (MAPS).

Which diseases can be treated by Acupuncture?

It can be collected three headlines:

  • Treatment for various diseases (functional diseases such as constipation, urinary complaints, fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness
  • Analgesia-anesthesia (migraine and other headaches, spine pains, joint pain, inflammatory diseases)
  • Habit therapy (smoking and bad eating habits)


Salt therapy has proven to be useful in relieving diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, acne, eczema, snoring, sinusitis, ear and respiratory infections, and is well- known worldwide with its 100% natural, safe and non-medication.

Salt therapy has been recommended for different health problems: asthma, bronchitis, chronic sinus infections, chronic respiratory infections, dust allergy, skin disorders, heart and circulatory disorders, neurological problems, such as thyroid problems. There are some side benefits of clean air of mineral.


In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that beauty can only be preserved when it acts as a whole. According to traditional Chinese medicine, in order to have a healthy and beautiful body, the flow of Chi’s life energy, in our body, must be balanced. However, if the balance of Chi flow deteriorates due to various physical or psychological reasons, then there can be many problems; both your health is deteriorating and your skin beauty is adversely affected. Therefore, 2 philosophical methods which are frequently applied in traditional Chinese medicine for health, beauty and youth and which enable the circulation of energy flow in our body in a balanced way, should be added to our lives.


Qigong, whose roots are believed to date back 5000 years ago, in other words, Chi-Kung or Chi-Gong, is the general name for the studies that will enable the Gong energy to flow in the body in a balanced and orderly way, which we can also define as the life energy in traditional Chinese medicine. In other words, Qigong is part of Chinese medicine and martial arts, which regulate the physical energy balance of the body using certain physical postures and physical breathing techniques.


Ozone is the condition of oxygen that is divided into 3 atomic molecule with high energy and its stability is low. Ozone for medical purposes is derived from medical oxygen through special generators. Medical ozone is always used in the form of pure ozone and pure oxygen. Depending on the application, the ozone concentration is between 1 and 100 /g / ml (0.05-5%). The physician trained in ozone therapy adjusts the dose according to the patient’s condition and medical indication.

Indications for Ozone Treatment: Arterial circulatory disorders, Immune system imbalances and disorders, Rheumatic diseases, Chronic inflammatory diseases (Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease), External Ulcers and skin wounds (eg Diabetic foot, burns, decubitus ulcers, etc.), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and pain treatment.


Vaccination of the human body toxins and poisons, which is the job of throwing the vacuum, is a method of treatment that cleans the blood. Hajamat, known as ‘cupping’ among the people, is known to be based on Ancient Egypt. In the case of a primitive acupuncture, volumetric blood is drawn from the human body with the help of a knife. Pain is made to areas close to the places and the blood is let.


Plants have been used as both source of vitamins and minerals either  treatment of diseases since ancient times. Human beings have had a positive impact on human life since early human beings. In this respect, phytotherapy means treatment with plants in the simplest sense. It emerged through the unification of traditional knowledge and science. Preparing medications using all or part of the plant leads to preventing or treating diseases. Plants already used in phytotherapy are also called medicinal plants.

Treatment with plants is as old as the history of mankind. The success of the phytotherapy is based on the gentlest application of this application and the patience of the application. With the help of phytotherapy, the treatment of many chronic diseases, which modern medicine has not found a cure, has been found.

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